M-Brace Air Back LSO Brace

MODEL # 627
  • Indicated for
  • o Lumbar-Sacral pain or trauma o Disc complaints o Lumbar muscle spasm o Lumbago, sciatica, ischialgia, o Osteoporosis-related lumbar issues o Improving post-operative outcome (with corset applied in appropriate position)
  • Dimensions: Front – 5 7/8” high. Back – 9” high (without panel)
  • Front panel built-in. Back panel 11.5” high
  • Immobilizes lumbar sacral region, to reduce pain
  • Constructed with: semi-rigid fabric, 8 moldable, flexible steel stays, front and rear rigid thermo-formable panels
  • Pain reduction and support are provided in two ways:
  • o A series of straps slides on the stays, through a unique, easy-to-apply patented locking system, offering a wide array of tension settings. When the locking system is pulled tight and secured at the front, the inside straps stiffen the entire structure, thus immobilizing the lumbar sacral region. o The lumbar and abdominal panels produce intra-abdominal pressure to reduce load on discs. The supported region extends from the acrococcygeal joint to L-1 vertebra.
  • Adapts to fit multiple body shapes and sizes, providing a custom fit. Accommodates wide differential in waist and pelvic measurement.

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