PUSH med Shoulder Brace Plus

MODEL # 2502
  • Indicated for immobilization of the arm during treatment of shoulder injuries, without excessive strain on neck and shoulders. Also used for immobilization of the arm at night during hemiplegia.
  • This model offers an additional strap across the unaffected shoulder, with enhanced support of the hand and wrist, comfortably distributing the weight of the arm across the breast and shoulder.
  • Adjustability at 3 points, plus variety of sizes allows for optimal fit.
  • Allows arm to be fixed in neutral or slightly adducted shoulder position. Angle at which the lower arm is positioned can be adjusted to prevent hyperaemia.
  • Easy to apply. Allows for self application.
  • Made of Sympress™ material, which is comfortable, soft against the skin, breathable and keeps skin dry. Machine washable.



155-75 cm
275-105 cm
3105-140 cm
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